- Why 44?

- It's a reference to 44.100Hz.

- So you produce audio...

- Exactly! We provide voice over services.

- Oh, cool! And for what type of projects do you record?

- Advertising films, spots, institutional videos, training videos, messages on hold, e-Learning...

- Do you work exclusively with Brazilian talents?

- In addition to Brazilian talents, we currently have a casting with natives from 52 countries.


- Do you record with Brazilian talents and natives from other countries?

- Yes, they are professionals from all over America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

- How many voices are available?

- More than 1000 voices.

- And how could I listen to them?
- It is easy. Send us an  e-mail  requesting a cast for you job!

9 years. 1000+ voices. 53 countries.


+55 11 2666 4833